This Week in Advertising : Episode 1

Hi guys, welcome to Nano Digital Connect. Basically, we hold a session every Friday where we discuss matters that made the news this week. In this section I’ll be writing about all that caught our eye in the advertising world.

Time and again, I’ll be nudging you slightly towards some of the products I love using and some of the sites that I think are massive troves of advertising wisdom.

The ads featured weren’t necessarily made this week, but we got to see them this week so guess what? Haha.

First pick, #MagicalKenya ad. This is a complete beauty, it will inevitably remind you of the Safaricom ad made a couple of years ago and rightfully so coz its an amazing piece of work. I couldn’t get the original source to credit it to but here we go.

Next up is this amazing billboard by Vivo Energy. You can barely tell the billboard and the trees apart. Personal favorite this!

Which kinda reminds me of this other billboard awhile back.

That’s it for the local scene. Now onto matters international. First ad is absolutely amazing, I’ve got to admit, even for an Apple fanboy like me. Samsung US takes a direct jab at iPhone. Grow up with an upgrade to Galaxy!!

And in other unrelated, well related news, Google also takes a dig at iPhone. Hhhhhmmmm. Go ahead and watch the video, it’s worth it.

That’s it for this week. Follow us for weekly updates.

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