This Week in Advertising : Episode 2

Nano Digital Connect seeks to spark discussions in matters advertising, design, big data & analytics and finance. And in today’s show we preview interesting ads for the week ending Nov 17th 2017.

The dairy products industry is where all the creativity is happening at the moment. First it was Delamere with the amazing billboards and redesigned rectangular yoghurt cans.

Then came Ilara with their minimalist cans and billboards. Very clean design I must say.


And just this week, I’ve seen the new Brookside yoghurts and billboards and i totally love them. They are a series of ads with famous animation movie stars, so far I’ve seen Spiderman, Cars, Frozen and Sofia. I don’t know about you but my nieces love Sofia the animation and I bet on our next visit to the mall, she’ll definitely grab the yoghurt out of familiarity.

In other news, this happened.

Well, we absolutely love this response by RMA Kenya.


On the global scene, CocaCola continues its streak of super amazing campaigns. This might be a couple of year(s) old but I only got to see it this week so it makes the cut.

Now that’s an amazing ad!

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